Friday, 30 January 2009

Back Stage

Galliano s/s09

back stage


Anna-Sara Dåvik

Anna-Sara and I studied at Beckmans at the same time, but she was in the fashion course. We also where in London at the same time where she did her MA at St.Martins. Anna-Sara recently moved back to Stockholm and showed her new collection during this Fashion Week. Her focus was on her Nail Jewelery and I just love these gloves! in a very surrealist tradition!

Monday, 26 January 2009


lisa milroy

maurice scheltens

Monday, 19 January 2009

Ann-Sofie Back

I'm always so impressed with Ann-Sophie Back and the way she creates her collections from more theoretical themes and abstract ideas, such as celebrity culture in a/w08 and s/s09, the text bellow is from her press release, continue reading here:

"Ann-Sofie Back continues her investigation of celebrity culture, this time using plastic surgery and liposuction as an unlikely point of reference. A series of disco dresses are cut and stretched with drawstrings resembling the processes involved in a face-lift, while clasps are based on the staples used to hold skin in place during recovery."

Making Do and Getting By

"as above, so below"

book ceiling

Richard Wentworth investigates juxtapositions and found materials and elements that do not belong together. But through manipulation their original function and our understanding of them changes and breaks the conventional system of classification. also really like his "book ceiling".

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

desire unbound

karel teige's Modernist Alphabet


hans bellmer

I always been intrigued by surrealist objects and photography (not so much paintings). they tickles you in some way, can be very beautiful but with an added dimension. Man Ray, Oppenheim, Andre Breton, Duchamp etc etc (and read roger caillois ideas about Mimicry! crazy).. When i did my MA i explored the work of Hans Bellmer (both a genius and a perv, but who says you can't be both?) and his Poupée, see pics above. and also the amazing Schiaparelli.. oh, there is just so much, has to be continued..

you are not alone

david shrigley always understands.. (thank you sash)

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

i melt with you

s/s 09

old favorites

ready to wear

all pics from the amazing hussein chalayan's collections

Saturday, 10 January 2009


Lars Lerin

when i was 16 and in art school lars lerin was the god of water colour paintings. he still is actually and right now he's having an exhibition at waldemarsudde. but when you walk around the exhibition you catch yourself say things like -"ooh, look at the light!", -"oh, it's just like you were there in real life!" and other kind of embarrassing things (that should only be uttered by arty, be-speckled slightly older culture ladies..) but it's good man, it's good.